Arthroscope and Sheath

VOLKSMANN has been setting innovative standards for many years. Maxer laser welded Arthroscope can withstand numerous autoclaving cycles. Its glass cone technology is also unique. Maxer endoscopes are known for third generation optics which gives high resolution and brightness all over the image.



  • High Definition Arthroscopes have better optics to give enhanced clarity
  • High-quality, multicoated (anti-reflective) optical system
  • Highly refractive glass for optimal colour rendering even when the image is magnified
  • Extremely precise centring of the optical and mechanical components for an image that is brilliant and high contrast even around the edges
  • Triple tube design for higher stability with many types of endoscopes
  • Nitrogen filled optical system to avoid interior condensation


Arthroscope 4mm, 2.7 mm & 1.9 mm




Arthroscopy sheath - Easy Locking System